We provide a complete solution for translation and interpreting services in almost every European language for business and individual needs. We are committed to offering you an accurate translation of the text that reads as well, if not better, as the original text. At your request, we can improve the text so that your message is conveyed effectively to your target audience.

To ensure top quality of our services, specialised texts are translated by highly-qualified professionals whose experience and expertise we have thoroughly verified. All translated texts are proof-read to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of translation.

Business and certified translation

Interpreting services

We handle jobs covering
regulatory documents
bank documents
school certificates and transcripts
insurance policies
medical certificates
certificates and declarations of conformity
business letters
contracts and agreements
tender documentation
financial statements
specialised medical publications
pharmaceutical dossiers
operation and instruction manuals
standards and patents
and many more

Should you have any queries contact us at: alipnicka@lipnicka.pl
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